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About Us

Collective Reparations is dedicated to acknowledging and redressing the harm caused by war, slavery, and colonization.

Collective Reparations defines reparations based on the ARC framework—acknowledgment, redress, and closure. The platform recognizes that there are diverse ways of achieving reparations, focusing on acknowledging historical injustices, providing redress, and achieving closure by listening and responding to the reparative needs of communities who have been harmed. It is through these actions that healing and repair are integrated into the process of addressing historical wrongs.

Reparations are vital as they not only rectify historical injustices but also integrate healing and repair into the process. By acknowledging past wrongs and providing redress through initiatives like Collective Reparations, cycles of injustice are confronted and mitigated. Ultimately, reparations help ensure that these cycles of historical oppression and marginalization are addressed, creating a more just and equitable society for all.

Supporting reparations can take various forms on Collective Reparations, including.

  1. Shop: Every purchase you make supports reparations. 8% of each purchase supports the distribution of reparations to Black, Native, and Refugee ancestors and descendants.
  2. Sell: Support the reparative economy and culture we’re building by selling your products, services, courses or listing your events with us.
  3. Give: Partner with us to distribute reparations to Black, Native, and Refugee ancestors and their descendants.

Collective Reparations encourages engaging in and researching diverse reparations initiatives to advance healing and repair work worldwide.

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