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By shopping with us, you’ll not only discover new products and upcoming events, but you’ll also support reparations with every purchase.


The recognition and admission of wrongdoing with a formal apology and commitment to redress. Visit our give reparations page to offer acknowledgment.


Compensation for wrongdoing and restoration from the harm and suffering caused. Offer redress by shopping or visiting our give reparations page.


Conciliation and mutual agreement that the debt has been paid and damages repaired. Listen to stories of closure by subscribing to our newsletter.

the space where every purchase supports reparations for descendants and ancestors of stolen land and bodies.

Descendants of stolen land and bodies are owed reparations from governments across the world for harm they and their ancestors have endured. Collective Reparations was created to honor their ancestors and help rectify this long overdue debt. We know true closure must include acknowledgement and direct payment from governments guilty of these crimes. That’s why we’re using our collective power to engage in and demand reparations.

We’re a social e-Commerce store centering reparations. Proceeds from sales help us offer compassionate acknowledgment and generous redress. Whenever you engage with us you’ll be contributing to a more reparative culture and economy. Our first goal is to match the estimated $14 Trillion reparations debt owed by the US government. Your engagement matters.

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We are seeking healers and facilitators cultivating welcoming spaces, practices and events.

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We are seeking storytellers and teachers offering nourishing content and courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Funding decisions are based on insights from acknowledgments and stories of closure shared in the forum on our give reparations page.

Proceeds from sales and gifts from our community members and partners provide funding for reparations grant awards. This support is transparently shown in our community offerings section where proceeds from sales are added each quarter.

Flowers are each worth a dollar and can be used for discounts when you shop. Learn ways to earn flowers or visit your rewards dashboard to view the flowers you’ve earned.

  1. Shop with us: Proceeds from sales will will help us offer compassionate acknowledgment and generous redress to ancestors and descendants of stolen land and bodies.
  2. Give reparations: Offer compassionate acknowledgment in our forum and give generous redress on our give reparations page.