Support reparations for Black & Native farmers

Collective Reparations distributes profit as reparations for Black & Native farmers, making every purchase count towards a more reparative culture and economy. 


The recognition and admission of wrongdoing with a formal apology and commitment to redress. Visit our give reparations page to offer redress.


Compensation for wrongdoing and restoration from the harm and suffering caused. Offer redress by shopping or visiting our give reparations page.


Conciliation and mutual agreement that the debt has been paid and damages repaired. Listen to stories of closure by subscribing to our newsletter.

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Nominate your local Black & Native farmers to receive reparations.

the space where every purchase supports reparations for Black & Native farmers

Descendants of stolen land and bodies are owed reparations from governments across the world for harm they and their ancestors have and continue to endure. Collective Reparations was created to honor these ancestors and help rectify this long overdue debt. We know true closure must include acknowledgement and direct payment from governments and organizations guilty of these crimes. That’s why we’re using our collective power to engage in and demand reparations.

Collective Reparations is a social e-Commerce store distributing profit as reparations to Black & Native farmers. Whenever you engage with us you’ll be contributing to a more reparative culture and economy. Your engagement matters.

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Help us grow by joining our affiliate program where you’ll earn commission for every purchase you refer.

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Sell products and services on a platform that distributes profits from platform fees as reparations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Collective Reparations distributes its profits as redress to community nominated Black & Native farmers. It also provides space for community to offer acknowledgment and redress directly to the Black & Native reparations recipients on the platform.

Collective Reparations distributes reparations for up to eight Black & Native farmers who are nominated by their community.

Once a nomination is submitted and reviewed, an invitation will be sent to the nominee to review and accept the nomination. If accepted, Collective Reparations will consider the nominee as a prospective reparations recipient on an ongoing basis with the intent to prioritize a diverse a diverse group of reparations recipients.

We encourage farmers to share Collective Reparations with their community on social media as well as their website and newsletters to encourage community engagement in the healing process of reparations.

Collective Reparations distributes reparations to Black & Native farmers. This includes farmer, fishers, hunters, ranchers or forestry workers producing goods for their local community.

  1. Nominate: Vote for your local Black & Native farmers and share Collective Reparations with your community to encourage engagement and support for reparations. 
  2. Shop with us: The more you shop, the more profit we have to distribute as reparations to the Black & Native farmers on our platform.
  3. Give reparations: Offer acknowledgment and redress directly to the Black & Native farmers on our platform.