Maitake Mint Mushroom Tea


The most earthy tea we make, refreshing peppermint flavor, with green tea and fennel. Made for immune and digestive system support.





Maitake Mint is an earthy and minty mushroom tea blend. The main ingredient is maitake mushroom (Grifola frondosa), and it is complemented by peppermint, green tea, and fennel. Maitake, which translates to “dancing mushroom” in Japanese, was so named because when people would find the mushroom they would dance with joy. It is a medicinal mushroom that has been studied for its properties in treating and managing disease. Read on to learn how drinking Maitake Mint after a meal can add benefits to your health. This article will focus on the benefits of the ingredients in the mushroom tea that have the most scientific evidence and study behind them.

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